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Igor Shpak I was born in 1974 in the beautiful city of Odessa located by the Black Sea in the Ukraine. During my 8th grade school year my parents and I immigrated to the United States of America, stopping in Austria and Italy before arriving in New York in June of 1989. My family, like many Jewish families in Russia, was forced to forgo our Russian citizenship and come to the United States as political refugees. During that period it was an unfortunate fact that the simple circumstance of being Jewish presented harsh limitations. In order for my family and I to have a future our only choice was to leave Russia.

We had fallen in love with the United States long before we set off from Russia to make it our home. Many of my parents’ friends had emigrated from Russia before we did, and the stories they told of freedom and opportunity were enticing, fueling our desire to experience it for ourselves. From the day I arrived my love for this country has only grown stronger. Although I was young when I left my home in Russia, I remember the starkness of the oppression we faced and the foreboding feeling that comes with a lack of freedom. To this day those memories make me truly appreciate the enormity of the benefits, opportunities, and liberties that this country offers to every single one of its citizens.

Upon our arrival, my family settled in the Brooklyn, Sheepshead Bay area, and I was enrolled at Sheepshead Bay High School. The first few years were not easy; I focused on learning English and adjusting to my new life. Luckily, there were many Russian students in the same situation and we all worked together to help each other out. During high school I took my first computer class and I was instantly hooked. From there I went on to receive my BS in Computer Science from Brooklyn College in 1997, followed by my Masters of Information Systems from the same institution in 2005. I currently work as a Systems Developer for a Fortune 500 company in the global cosmetics industry, specializing in e-commerce and web development using mainly Microsoft technologies (please click the link above if you want more information on the specific details of my certifications, past projects, and professional experience).

My wife Laura and I were married in 1999, and we were blessed with a son, Samuel, in December of 2003. Our daughter Kayla was born in September of 2007. They are both fantastic kids and I cherish the time I spend with them. You’ll find their photos throughout the site. Photography has been a passion of mine since my childhood days in Odessa. I have not been able to devote a lot of time to it lately, but whenever the opportunity presents itself I am always eager and excited to take photographs. Luckily my kids are a wonderful subject matter for this hobby, and my desire to share their photos is the primary reason this personal website exists.

Aside from computers and photography, I also enjoy hunting, reading and traveling. When I have time for sports I root for the NY Yankees, NY Giants and the New York Rangers. I am also an active member of the Freemasons at the Smithtown Lodge #1127. Freemasonry has offered me the opportunity to interact and socialize with helpful, like-minded people. The philosophy of the Freemasons is intriguing and rewarding, and it affords me new perspectives in learning, allowing me to appreciate things I might have otherwise taken for granted. I hold positions as a Royal Arch Mason, a Cryptic Mason and a 32º Scottish Rite Mason. I am also a member of the Scottish Rite Research Society and the Masonic Society.
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